About us


In 1988 we, husband and wife, started designing and producing accessories for the children`s bedroom. With the years this developed into a production company and a wholesale trade with a broad customer ring in the Benelux and Germany.

In 2002 we decided to focus entirely on designing and developing new products.
As a result the production was contracted out and sales ran exclusively through other wholesalers and/or importers. However, this development proved not to be satisfactory. We felt that we were driven too far away from our basics.

We noticed that producing ourselves and having a direct contact with our customers is equally important as designing. The trinity of creating by Heart, Head and Hands is essential for who we are and what we do and gives us the most pleasure. We are not looking for enormous production at the lowest costs in the Far East to supply the whole world. Instead, we prefer to work on a smaller and more personal scale. From 2005  we took everything in our own hands again and returned to the basics. Besides our children`s room decorating items, we also started designing and producing Wooden Mandala decorations and Wooden Mandala Lights.


Do you believe in fairy-tales? Children do. The essence in our designing is the experience of the child’s world. Each product is a tale in its own and has that fairy-like and mystic atmosphere in design and color to which children are still very sensitive. An environment of security and warmth you can experience in your imagination.

De Noest wants to make products you remember as an adult in such a way that, despite of yourself, you have to smile. We  strive for timeless designs which are independent irrespective of recent development or vogue and where material, color and shape are in harmony.


Our collection consists of several themes, like gnomes, fairies, castles etc. Within each theme we offer several accessories such as lamps, music boxes, growth charts, coat racks, decorations and more.

Production and material

A large part of the production is done by hand, like cutting and painting.

All products are made of top quality birches plywood. We use water-based stains and lacquers which are not poisonous and therefore completely safe for even the smallest of children. By working with transparent stain, layers of color can overflow while painting, while the grain remains visible. The materials used thus form a part of the total picture. Because of this, every product of De Noest is unique.

We attach great value to the sustainability of our products. By the years gone we learned much concerning the advantages and disadvantages of several materials and assembly techniques. We apply all this knowledge and experience to ensure that we can provide a product that is not only beautiful, but also firm and safe. This starts already at designing and ends with a careful finishing.

The timeless designs and high quality make sure that you and your children will be able to enjoy
De Noest for many years.

Anneke en Joop Verduijn




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